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Future of Danz Spas

Unfortunately, Danz Spas have today (11th May 2016) taken the difficult decision to cease trading after 10 years in the hot tub business.

Towards the end of last year we had a number of difficulties and realised things were not going as well as we had hoped. We decided to restructure our business: we let go 60% of our workforce, and brought on board an investor. We thought we were on the right track.

Recently, things have a taken a turn for the worst and unfortunately, our business is no longer sustainable. Legally, we must now cease trading and are in the process of appointing a liquidator.

Throughout these 10 years we have met some incredible people; we tried to be a business with a difference. We donated a portion of our profits to charitable causes such as building classrooms in Northern Ghana. We regularly supported organisations like Young Enterprise and Model Behaviour to help inspire school children from low aspiration backgrounds. Sadly, this journey has come to an end.

What happens next:

Contact with Danz

Please note that until a liquidator has taken over, there will virtually no telephone support as our workforce has been made redundant. We expect to announce details of a liquidator at some point over the next 14 days.

There will however be limited email support. However, please appreciate that in the interim this is being manned by on a single person. It may take some time to respond.

If you have an unfulfilled order

You should will have received an email from us yesterday. If your order was paid for by Credit Card, Debit Card, or by PayPal, our recommendation is that you contact your card issuer who will likely issue a refund.

If your order was paid for by Bank Transfer, you will need to lodge a request for a refund with our liquidator. Once a liquidator has been appointed, details will be provided on our website and in an email if this applies to you.

Some orders may be still be fulfilled depending on the stock we have available.

After Sales Support

Unfortunately, as the business has ceased trading, it no longer has any employees that will be able to assist directly with after sale support. If you have an existing hot tub, your warranty was with Danz Spas. As the business has now ceased trading, sadly, this warranty is no longer valid.

If you have one of our newer Balboa models, a warranty may be available on the Balboa branded parts through Balboa.

If you are currently awaiting a spare part, if the stock is available, this will be sent out shortly.

If you have an ongoing technical support ticket, please bear with us. You will get an email outlining what options are available for moving forward shortly. Again, this may take a week or so.

In the longer term, it is our intention to launch a non-for-profit website ( to provide a limited degree of support to older customers. We intend to include details on the parts your hot tub uses, where these parts can be purchased, common issues, and limited email support. It will take us 2-4 weeks to launch this website. We will do what we can to help.